Merry Christmas?

I'm not sure if you know this, but recently we've been hosting a worship service every Thursday morning for clients of our Food Bank. It's a small affair in most ways, really. The first week we did it, we had 3 people show up. Same with the second week. Then we had SIX the next week! Then zero the week after… :-(. But then we had six this week too!

I know it's not about numbers, but you know what? I'm THRILLED about how things are going! We just get together and sit in the sanctuary. We share our prayer requests with each other, and I'm stunned at how open we're able to be with each other! Many of us have never met until that moment, but yet people share some pretty deep stuff.

We then share and talk about the scriptures we're going to have for the Sunday worship service, and then, as you can imagine, as we've only been doing this a little while, we've been singing some Christmas songs.

I've been touched and blessed more than anybody else, I think, at each of these services—even the one where no on showed up (I really needed a “people break” that day). But one of the things I've been reminded of again is just how difficult Christmas can be for so many folks. Some of the people attending our Thursday morning worship service (we're calling it “The Well”), are content and ready for Christmas. But many others are hurting and sad. Struggling with a lack of work, with family, with the deaths of loved-ones around this time of year, with missing family, and so on.

So that is my prayer for today: that we would all experience the light of peace from Jesus Christ our saviour, even if our lives seem particularly dark at this time of year.

May you and yours be blessed even so.