Why Do We Gather?
We view each day of the week, Sunday, Monday through Saturday, as worship; however, we gather on Sundays at 10:00AM to celebrate God for who He is, and for the work He is doing in His world! God created us to live in relationship, with Himself and with each other, and it is in and through worship that this relationship is lived! Worship gatherings are for everyone – for those who have been followers of Jesus for some time, for those who are just beginning to follow Jesus, and for those who still have questions about this whole faith thing. God gathers and invites all people to come and experience His love, mercy and grace, and to live our lives in Him! 
What takes place in a Worship Gathering?
We see a worship gathering as a conversation in which we speak to God, and he speaks to us! In a weekly worship gathering, we take the opportunity to…
…praise & adore, giving thanks for God and who he is to us
…confess, coming before God to acknowledge our shared sin and brokenness, and confess together as God’s people knowing that he is a God who is merciful, gracious and forgiving!
…be filled with hope as we are reminded of and assured by God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness
…hear God speak to us through His Word, as we continue to be shaped and renewed by the gospel, and as we continue to learn and grow in what it means to be followers of Jesus.
…join in Christ‘s Kingdom work, as we are called to continue living lives of worship by living, loving and serving as followers of Jesus in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our communities, cities and world!
What does worship look like?
Worship Gatherings include music and singing, times of prayer, and a time of spoken word. A typical gathering is around an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. We welcome you to worship how you feel comfortable!
Is there a dress code?
Our church community at Zion has a wide variety of people, and with it, a wide variety of dress – from dress shirt and tie, to
t-shirt and jeans! We welcome you to come as you are as we enter in to worship a God who extends his love to all people!
Do I have to give money?
Zion collects an offering each week for various organizations and ministries who serve locally and globally! You are free to give to these collections, but do not have to feel obligated to. Giving is not mandatory, but is encouraged as a way to contribute to helping serve God’s Kingdom!
Is there something for my children?
YES! Nursery care is available during our 10:00 AM Worship Gathering for infants to age 3. We also have a Sunday School program for kids ages 3 to grade 5 so they can learn about their place in God‘s story in a way that is accessible to them!