What’s Zion Youth About?

Zion Youth meets weekly on Thursday nights at 7PM. Each week we have different things going on, from worship and prayer nights, to learning about what it means to follow Jesus with our lives, to fun activities like Lazer Tag, or pool parties!

Zion Youth is a great place to meet new friends, to learn about Jesus, and to be loved for the way you are! You can expect to find a place of belonging, whether you know Jesus, or simply have questions about who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him!

Jr. Youth is for youth in grades 3-8
Sr. Youth is for youth in High school and beyond!

We worship together, and split apart for our small group conversations and learning!

Questions about Youth? E-mail office@zioncrc.ca.

For me, youth is an escape from everything going on and gives me a chance to talk to God and just spend time with Him… and with the help of all the youth leaders, it is possible for my relationship to grow stronger with God!
Zion youth is a safe place where I don’t feel judged. I always feel free to be myself, and to grow my connection with God further and further every week.