New at Zion? Welcome!

Here at Zion, we’re a diverse community of people from different generations, cultures, experiences and walks of life who gather to live in relationship with God, with people and with our city!

Whether you are new to the area and looking for a community, or whether ‘faith’ is a new thing for you, and you’re looking to find out more about Jesus and what it means to follow Him, know that you will find a place of welcome, and belonging at Zion!

We all share one thing in common.
We are all in need of grace.
We look forward to meeting you!



What time are Sunday Worship Gatherings?

Sunday morning worship gatherings begin at 10:00AM. People start to arrive from 9:30, 9:50, even 10:05! Don’t stress if you’re running a bit late on a Sunday morning. Life happens!

Where is Zion located?

Zion is located at 409 Adelaide Avenue East, which is right on the corner of Central Park Boulevard and Adelaide Avenue! You can access one of our two parking lot entrances on Central Park Boulevard. We’ve saved parking spots just for YOU! Look for the “Visitor Parking” signs on the east side of our parking lot. To get directions to Zion from your location, click here!

Is there something for my children?

ABSOLUTELY! Jesus loved children, and so do we! We offer age-appropriate ways for your kids to learn about God’s story and their place in that story in a way that is accessible to them! Little Sprouts Ministry provides care for infants to children age 3, and Kids Corner is for children ages 4-grade 5! Each person involved in the Little Sprouts and Kids Corner ministries have current Criminal Records checks, have a passion for teaching kids, and can’t wait to meet yours!

What does a worship gathering look like?

Worship Gatherings are typically 90 minutes long, and include music and singing, times of prayer, and a time of spoken word! Worship gatherings are for everyone – for those who have been followers of Jesus for some time, for those who are just beginning to follow Jesus, and for those who still have questions about this whole faith thing. God gathers and invites all people to come and experience His love, mercy and grace!


What should I wear!?

Our church community at Zion has a wide variety of people, and with it, a wide variety of outfits – from dress shirt and tie, to t-shirt and jeans! We welcome you to come as you are as we enter in to worship a God who extends his love to all people!

Do I have to give money?

Zion collects an offering each week for various organizations and ministries who serve locally and globally! You are free to give to these collections, but do not have to feel obligated to. Giving is not mandatory, but is encouraged as a way to contribute to helping serve God’s Kingdom!

Is there someone to help me find my way?

Yes! We know that coming to a new place, let alone Church can be an intimidating, even scary thing! When you arrive, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our Greeters, and our friendly Usher is happy to help you find your way to the Little Sprouts room, to a washroom, answer a question you may have, and simply welcome you to Church!